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Ken’s Heating and Air has been providing honest and quality air conditioning service since 1978! We provide air conditioning repairs for both residential and light commercial to Marble Falls, Kingsland, Granite Shoals, Burnet, Horseshoe Bay, and Cottonwood Shores. Ken’s Heating And Air’s goal is to provide knowledgeable and dependable service.
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Our technicians have extensive experience repairing air conditioning systems. No matter the make, model, or brand our technicians have the solution for your air conditioning system.
The most important day in the life of your air conditioning system is the day it is installed. This is due to the number of measurements that must be taken into consideration to ensure that your air conditioning system and ductwork is sized correctly.
The Ultimate Savings Agreement is our preventative maintenance program. Preventative air conditioning maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer to be performed approximately every 6 months.
Our technicians are fully trained to repair residential and commercial refrigeration appliances. We are experienced in repairing walk in freezers, display cases, and much more!

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