How Heat Pumps Work

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How heat pumps work? Heat pumps operate the same way traditional air conditioning systems operate. The only difference between the two is the heating mode. During the heating mode heat pumps transfer the heat from outside your home to inside your home while removing the cool air inside your home. This is a more energy efficient way to heat your home then with electric heat strips alone. To find out if a heat pump is right for you contact Ken’s Heating and Air today. For more information on heat pump operations read on!

Did you know that when your heat pump is heating your home that it periodically runs a mode called “defrost”? The defrost mode does the following to your heat pump and is no cause for concern:

  • Your vents will start to blow mildly warm air not hot like when the unit is running correctly
  • The outside heat pump will turn off its fan motor
  • Steam/Vapor will begin coming from the heat pump

After the unit senses that it is defrosted or a period of time passes the unit will move from defrost mode to normal heating mode once again. If you believe that your system may have malfunctioned contact Ken’s Heating and Air today.